Senior Citizen Gets the Last Laugh When Manager Demanded She Pay Full Amount

An elderly woman decided that for her 70th birthday she wanted to stay in a fancy hotel. So she headed to town, checked into the hotel, and enjoyed a night’s stay in the beautiful bedroom.

The next morning she went to check out of the hotel and was handed a bill for $250. In shock, the woman asked why her bill for one night was so much. The clerk replied that $250 was the standard night’s rate.

The woman argued that the room was nice, but it wasn’t worth $250 and asked to speak to a manager. The desk clerk warned the manager what was happening when he called the manager to the front desk.

When he arrived, the manager explained to the woman that the hotel is known for their world class entertainment and she could have watched one of the shows. “But I didn’t watch one,” argued the woman.

He went on to explain that they have a beautiful conference room and an olympic size swimming pool. Again, she argued that she didn’t use either one of those so she shouldn’t have been charged for them.

The manager informed the woman that although she didn’t take advantage of the amenities the hotel had to offer, she could have if she had wanted to and wouldn’t waiver in the cost of the room.

Finally, the woman got out her checkbook and began writing a check. She handed over the check to the manager who was shocked to see what the check said.

“This check is only for $50,” he said. To which the woman replied, “Yes. I charged you $200 for sleeping with me.” The manager responded that he didn’t do that, but the woman quickly replied, “But you could have because I was here. It’s not my fault that you chose not to.”

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