Police Officer Makes Woman Sit In Hot Car After She Leaves Her Dog Inside – Her Response Is Priceless

There is a major problem in this country in which people carelessly leave their pets and children inside excruciatingly hot cars. In the video below, a New Mexico police officer gives a woman a taste of her own medicine after she leaves her dog in a hot car.

Officer Vincent Kreischer was infuriated when he spotted a dog trapped in a hot car in a grocery store parking lot. He immediately confronted Shelly Nicholas, the dog’s owner, when she emerged from the store, but she claimed she had only left the animal in her vehicle for a few minutes.

Vincent let Shelly know that since the temperature outside was 90 degrees, the temperature inside the car could climb to 114 degrees in just ten minutes. She responded by giving the officer lots of attitude and being very rude to him, which turned out to be a big mistake.

The officer fired back by saying that if Shelly really believed things weren’t so bad in the car, she should sit locked in there herself for a few minutes while he wrote her a ticket. Shelly quickly changed her tune, saying that it was far too hot for her to do that, but the officer wasn’t having any of it. Social media users have praised the officer for giving this woman a taste of her own medicine.

“The cop should be promoted! welll done!” one user wrote, another adding, “The cop should get a raise!”

“Good for that cop to take up for animals who can’t speak for themselves. I hope she failed that test and is embarrassed for her ignorance,” a third user added.

Check out the video for yourself below!


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