Police Officer Comforts Panicked Family By Playing Piano And Singing For Them

A powerful video is going viral that shows just how compassionate police officers can be.

It all started when Officer Hernandez of Pembroke Pines, Florida was called to a home where an elderly man had suffered a fall. As paramedics rushed to the scene to help the man, Hernandez noticed how distraught the family was.

“The man’s wife, she was very elderly too, she was stressed out about it and the daughter was stressed out, and [the family’s] aide was stressed out,” he said. “Everybody was sort of in a panic, not really knowing if he was injured or not from the fall.”

Wanting to calm the family down, Hernandez decided to sit down at the piano and play them some songs.

Hernandez has been playing the piano since he was 6, and he knows quite a few tunes! He ended up playing songs like “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Fly Me To The Moon” for the family, who were immediately calmed by his music.

“The mood changed from kind of gloomy to something a bit more happy,” Hernandez said. “Turned out he was OK from the fall.”

Thankfully, the elderly man ended up making a full recovery!

Social media users have applauded Hernandez for taking the time to help this family through this in such a beautiful way.

“What a great guy,” one social media user wrote, with another adding, “This video restored my faith in humanity.”

“This is melting my heart!” wrote a third.

Check out the video for yourself below!


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