Over the summer, the UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received a whopping 600+ emergency calls about dogs being trapped in hot cars. They decided to take action. They issued a warning to all pet parents reminding them of the potential jail time and unlimited fine if they were found in violation of trapping a dog in a hot car. Now, officials in the United States are following suit.

In Pennsylvania, state legislators recently passed a law that makes it illegal to leave a dog tied outside for longer than 30 minutes if it is over 90 degrees or colder than 32 degrees. The law is part of Governor Tom Wolf’s plan to help strengthen protection for animals and stop animal cruelty. Other acts have also been created including one that protects dogs and cats left in hot cars.

The law, called Libre’s Law in honor of a Boston Terrier puppy that was rescued from horrible conditions in Southern Lancaster County. He was just seven weeks old when a good Samaritan tipped off local animal rescuers. Libre survived horrible neglect, but is now fully recovered and has become the inspiration for legal changes. People who violate the law may be penalized with a fine and up to one year in jail.

Although officials say that this won’t stop animal cruelty, they hope it will at least put an emphasis on justice for their suffering. Pennsylvania is the first state to enact laws to protect animals from potentially harmful weather.

Other states do have laws in effect that prevent owners from tethering animals for long periods of time, which includes tethering an animal to prevent them to escape harm.

What do you think of this new law? I think it is a fantastic idea and more states need to follow suit. Be sure to share this story with your family and friends to see what they think.

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