Michael Douglas Tears Up When Receiving His Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Michael Douglas is one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, which is why on November 6, he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame alongside his family and friends.

Just as celebrities in the past have done, Michael brought along the most important people in his life with him. Catherine Zeta-Jones, his wife of 18 years, as well as his oldest son Cameron were both present.

But there was one person there that meant more to Michael than anyone else in the crowd, so much so that he teared up when giving his acceptance speech.

In attendance to watch his son receive his star was Michael’s father, 101-year-old Kirk Douglas. Michael said during the speech that having his dad there meant a lot to him and thanked his father for his inspiration and advice and said he was proud to be his son.

The Douglas family has had a busy year with Michael welcoming his first grandchild when Cameron had his daughter, Lua Izzy. Kirk will also celebrate his 102nd birthday next month.

Check out the video of Michael’s speech and be sure to share this heartwarming video with his family and friends.


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