Man Gets Fired Because Of Downsizing – Gets Unexpected Response From His Wife

A couple were spending their wedding night together when the bride walked up to her new husband and asked him for $20 for their first time making love.

The husband was so ready to get down to business that he agreed immediately. This scenario happened again every time that they made love for the next forty years, and the husband saw it as an adorable way that his wife would afford new clothes or other trinkets that she might need.

After over forty years of marriage, the wife arrived home at around noon one day only to find her husband extremely drunk, which left her stunned. Her husband explained to her that his job was in the process of corporate downsizing, and that he had been fired. At 59 years of age, he doubted that he would be able to find another job that paid what he had earned before, which meant that he was financially ruined.

The wife didn’t even flinch, and she pulled out a bank book which she then handed to her husband. The book had over forty years-worth of steady deposits and interest that came out to almost $1 million in total. The wife then showed her husband the certificates of deposits that the bank issued, which came out to over $2 million. She even told her husband that they were one of the largest depositors at the bank!

The wife told her husband that these holdings had multiplied over the forty years she had charged him for their lovemaking sessions, and that this was the result of all of her savings and investments. Her husband was so shocked to see that they had cash and investments of over $3 million that he could barely speak, but he finally said, “If I’d had any idea what you were doing, I would have given you all of my business.”

As soon as the wife heard this, she shot him! This just goes to show that men just don’t know when to keep their mouths shut!


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