Hero Cop Feeds Chickens In California Town Evacuated During Wildfires

California is still dealing with the affects of the wildfires that has devastated the state, displacing thousands of people. Though much of the focus has understandably been on the people who were impacted by the wildfires, it’s important to remember that animals were affected as well.

Now, one police officer is being hailed as a hero for returning to the evacuated town of Paradise to feed a flock of chickens who managed to survive the wildfires.

“While on patrol in the Paradise area looking for looters, I heard the faint sound of a chicken,” the unnamed officer explained. “After a short hike, I located about a dozen chickens that literally ran to me. I gave them my water, but didn’t have any food, so the search for food began.”

“I was able to locate a big bag of oatmeal and two big bags of ‘Life’ cereal in the nearby garage,” he continued. “These chickens were sooooo happy to be fed and watered. Whoever owns these chickens, I owe you a few bags of cereal, sorry.”

After the social media went viral, the owners of the chickens came upon the post. After recognizing the chickens, they made contact with the officer.

“I met them and they provided me supplies, so I went back to feed and water my new friends and discovered they had left me a few gifts,” he said.

While the wildfires were certainly tragic, the one positive thing about disasters like this is that they bring out the best in people like this heroic officer. Please keep all residents of Paradise and the other towns affected by these wildfires in your thoughts and prayers!


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