Boy in Wheelchair Has the Most Amazing Elaborate Halloween Costumes

Kids all over look forward to Halloween each year and they start planning their costumes months in advance. But for some kids, Halloween is just another holiday that sets them apart from the rest of the kids.

Anthony Alfano, a nine-year-old from Melrose Park, Illinois, would be one of those kids if it weren’t for the efforts of his parents. Anthony has cerebral palsy and is bound to a wheelchair with very little movement.

His parents say they can tell that seeing other kids do things that he can’t do make him unhappy, but Halloween gives him a chance to feel like any other kid and escape the stigma of being in a wheelchair.

Anthony’s dad Tony, loves building elaborate costumes for his son. He builds them around his wheelchair and his mom, Deanna, adds the finishing touches to the costumes.

Each year the costumes get better and better. He’s been an ice hockey goalie, Zoltar the fortune teller, and a snow globe of the Lincoln Memorial.

Last year, Anthony’s wheelchair was turned into the spinning wheel from the television show Wheel of Fortune and it impressed so many people that Anthony even got the opportunity to meet the hosts and watch a live recording of the show.

This year, Anthony’s costume was a replica of the waiting room scene from the movie Beetlejuice. His dad built a fake couch and his mom made mannequins to sit on both sides of him. Anthony was turned into a perfect doppelganger of Beetlejuice himself.

Take a peek at the video below to see more of Anthony’s amazing costumes and be sure to share this story with their family and friends. It’s amazing that these creative and loving parents are so dedicated to their son’s happiness and sense of belonging.


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