Baby Abandoned in Back of Truck is This Couple’s Miracle

It was a cold May morning in Tallahassee, Florida when a college student heard something strange coming from their apartment complex parking lot. The student immediately recognized the noise as the muffled cry of a baby.

After calling 911, paramedics arrived to find a baby boy that they believed to be one-week-old laying alone and cold in the bed of a pick up truck. The baby didn’t even have a blanket or hat to keep him warm. They rushed the baby to Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare where a respiratory therapist named Lorraine Nichols began treating the baby. He was starving and his skin was peeling.

His temperature was also dangerously low. Because no one knew anything about the baby, the hospital gave him the name “Whiskey Doe.” Lorraine couldn’t help but feel herself being drawn to the helpless baby that had been abandoned.

She had survived breast cancer twice and had hoped to have a baby of her own one day. She had spent thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant using IVF treatments. Still, she and her husband hadn’t been able to conceive. They had finally began the process of adopting a child, but knew that it would be a lengthy process.

That’s when Lorraine had a realization that could change her and her husband’s lives forever. One week after the unknown baby was found alone in the truck bed, she and her husband made a decision.

Check out the video below to learn more about the story and what happened to Lorraine, her husband, and the abandoned baby boy, and be sure to share this story with your family and friends.


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