Toddler Hears For First Time After Receiving Cochlear Implant – Watch How She Reacts To Her Dad’s Voice

Many of us take hearing for granted, but the reality is that some people are not lucky enough to have this sense. Thankfully, technology has developed enough that deaf people can often be helped to hear these days with a cochlear implant.

Annie is a little girl who was born deaf, and a heartwarming video is going viral showing the moment she heard her father’s voice for the first time!

The video below opens with Annie sitting at a table with her father as her mother films and her doctor looks on. Annie’s father can be seen signing to the little girl, who seems unfazed by what’s happening around her. Suddenly, her doctor turns on her cochlear implant and she hears her father whispering to her. Annie’s reaction when she hears him for the first time is priceless!

Annie looks at her father excitedly to get confirmation that she is indeed hearing. He signs to her using American Sign Language to explain what is happening. When her mom starts speaking behind camera, her father tells her, “that’s mama’s voice.”

Annie soon gets completely overwhelmed by the fact that she can now hear. She eventually looks back and forth between her parents with huge smile on her face, clearly overcome with emotion.

The video has been viewed over three million times, touching the hearts of people all over the globe. We would suggest that you have some tissues handy before you watch this!

Check out the emotional video for yourself below!


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