Rescue Dog’s Reaction Seeing the Ocean For the First Time is Priceless

Herschel is a beautiful German Shepherd. But sadly, the first five years of his life weren’t so great. He spent those years chained to a post, neglected by his owners, and miserable. He was rescued, not once, but twice, before finally finding a forever home.

Poor Herschel is an energetic and excited kind of a dog. Sometimes that energy gave the wrong impression. He was almost deemed unadoptable and doomed to a life in the shelter, that is, until Save Our Shelter gave him another chance.

With the help of Rocky Kanaka and his t.v. show¬†Dog’s Day Out,¬†Herschel got to experience the best day ever and prove what an amazing dog he really is.

Rocky says that Herschel got to give out free hugs and be shown love, play in the snow, and have his first burrito. The show got him enough attention that he found a new home in Washington state.

On his road trip from Los Angeles to his new family, Herschel got the chance to experience something else that he’s never had the chance to see before. He got to see the ocean.

Rocky says he was hesitant to just let Herschel jump in and play, but Herschel barked and whimpered in excitement, so Rocky gave him the chance to get some sand in his paws and a little water on his belly.

The happy pup was biting waves and jumping in and out of the water like a dolphin according to Rocky. He couldn’t have been happier. Rocky says the experience brought tears to his eyes.

Check out the video below about Herschel’s experience and be sure to share this heartwarming story with your family and friends. Every animal deserves to be shown this kind of love.


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