Navy Captain Silences Those Who Say ‘Women Are Bad Drivers’ By Posting Epic Footage Of His Wife Parallel Parking A Warship

Some men love to talk about how supposedly bad women are at driving. This so-called joke infuriates women everywhere, as it demeans their ability to do something that has nothing to do with gender.

Now, however, a tweet is going viral in which a devoted husband silences those who bash the way women drive by posting an epic footage of his wife showing off her ability to drive something that is far more difficult to steer than a car.

Royal Navy Captain Rich Harris took to Twitter to fire back at someone who said women can’t drive by posting footage of his wife parallel parking a warship.

“A while ago, in a response to a tweet about my wife driving her warship, somebody made a comment about women drivers,” Rich wrote alongside the video. “This is my wife berthing her ship between a container ship and a destroyer. No tankers, no [tugs], not easy (video speeded up for ease).”

After the post went viral, Rich explained that he had meant “no tugs” (tugboats) instead of “no fuss.”

Next time someone says that women can’t drive, simply show them the above footage! This just goes to show that women can do absolutely anything!


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