Laundry Hacks to Save Time

Many of us have our own quirks when it comes to cleaning our house. Some of us have learned tips from our mothers and grandmothers, others have just figured things out on their own.

Wherever they come from, these cleaning hacks often do the trick. And when it comes to getting your clothes ready and wrinkle free, there’s a hack that can save you a lot of time and keep you from having to iron.

My grandma always used to throw two or three ice cubes in her dryer and I never could figure out why. One day I asked her and I was shocked at the reason behind her trick.

She said that as the dryer runs, it turns the ice cubes into steam and the steam takes the wrinkles out of your clothes. She says it works best on a small load of laundry and is perfect if your short on time and don’t want to iron clothes.

There are other tricks you can use when it comes to your laundry too. If you want to keep your towels nice and soft, you can always reach for fabric softener. However, there is a much cheaper and more natural way.

Use vinegar instead. It works better and no, your towels don’t come out smelling like vinegar. What tips and tricks do you have when doing your laundry? Check out the video below full of tips and tricks, and be sure to share this info with your family and friends.


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