A Golden Retriever named Dash has become a viral sensation after he stole the hearts of people all over the world by showing what a good dog he is in an adorable video.

The video shows Dash patiently waiting to eat the hot dog he was carrying in his mouth. Dash wanted nothing more than to chow down on the hot dog, but he decided to patiently wait so that his owner could snap a photo of him with it in his mouth. What a good dog!

A bystander captured the video of Dash and posted it to the “Dogspotting” Reddit page, where internet users can post cute videos and photos of dogs they see on the street.

After the video went viral on Reddit, Dash’s owner Ande went to the page to identify himself!

“I live in Seattle and every summer our baseball team (go Mariners!) has a ‘Bark in the Park’ night where DOGS GET TO GO TO THE GAME WITH THEIR HUMANS,” Ande wrote on Dogspotting. “THIS IS NOT A DRILL AND OFFICIALLY MY BEST SPOT YET.”

Ande is lucky to have such a good dog! Check out the video for yourself below!

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