Doctors Gave Him a One Percent Chance of Survival

Anwar Nyanzi was just 11 months old when he suffered a tragic accident. He sneaked past his aunt, climbed onto a chair, and tumbled out of an open window falling 40 feet to the ground below.

Hawa, Anwar’s mom, remembers the phone calls he got when the accident happened. She recalls looking at her son and not believing it was him because of how badly he was hurt. She prayed for a miracle.

Thankfully, her prayers were answered and Anwar is now her miracle boy. Doctors gave him less than one percent chance of surviving. He had brain, neck, spinal injuries, and multiple broken bones.

After four days in ICU, the medical team turned off his life support. But miraculously, Anwar began breathing on his own. Within a few days, doctors realized he could hear and see.

Within weeks, he was crawling and standing up again. Anwar is now two and is a perfectly normal and healthy toddler. His mom still can’t believe how she’s been blessed. Check out the video of their story below and share it with your family and friends.

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