Devoted Husband Puts On Frilly Pink Tutu To Cheer Up Wife During Cancer Treatments

When Bob Carey’s beloved wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, he wanted to do whatever he could to cheer her up.

Bob works as a photographer, so he came up with the idea of taking photos of things that would make Linda smile as she went through the pain of cancer treatments. He then came up with the perfect idea for a photo op that he knew Linda would get a kick out of.

Bob put on a pink tutu and proceeded to create a photo series that was sure to make Linda and everyone else smile!

Bob started taking the tutu wherever he went so that he could take photos with it on.

“When Linda would go in for treatment, she would take the images on her phone and the women would look at them and it would make them laugh and make the time pass,” he said.

Linda and her care team loved the photos so much that Bob realized that they might cheer up other cancer patients as well!

That’s why Bob started “The Tutu Project,” a fundraiser that aims to bring in $50,000 annually to help patients pay for treatment options that are not usually covered by insurance. The project’s website states, “together we can reduce the stress that goes along with a breast cancer diagnosis.”

The Tutu Project is now encouraging everyone to take their own tutu photos!

“We believe people touched by breast cancer deserve more than one month of activism, they deserve daily empowerment,” their website states. “That’s why we created Dare2Tutu, a fundraising campaign that uses Bob Carey’s famous tutu to cheer up people living with breast cancer.  You can activate #Dare2Tutu in your school, with your athletic team, throughout your office, and everywhere else in between.”

Bob has also published a book full of photos of himself in his tutu!

Find out more about The Tutu Project in the video below!


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