Couple Transforms Old Bread Truck Into Traveling Home

Many of us fantasize about dropping everything, quitting our jobs, and spending our days traveling. This couple actually made that happen in an ingeniously creative way!

Iona Stewart is a 27-year-old chef from Scotland who met her boyfriend, Martin Hill, a 38-year-old bar owner, when they were each snowboarding in the French Alps. They are heading back there this winter, and they are driving there in their house!

“About four years ago after a few too many beers I thought about buying a big American RV,” Martin said. “We bought the lorry in May this year. We spent four months working on it full-time.”

When Iona and Martin found an old bread delivery truck available on eBay, they knew they had found the perfect vehicle to make their dream come true! Martin took the lead in the construction side of making their home, while Iona did the interior design.

The couple were able to spend just $25,000 to create their dream home!

“We did everything ourselves,” Martin explained. “It’s amazing what you can do. We are not exactly slumming it.”

Check out what their home looks like now!

Their home looks nicer than many apartments! We especially love the cozy feel of it.

They were able to fit a double bed in the truck! This looks very comfy!

Martin sold his Nottingham, England bar earlier this month, and they wasted no time in hitting the road! They are certainly going to have some big adventures as they travel through Europe in their dream home!


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