Man Stops To Buy Dog Treats – Ends Up Winning $10 Million Lottery Prize

A man from Fort Edward, New York ended up winning a $10 million lottery jackpot after he stopped to buy some dog treats.

Dale Farrand, 73, had stopped at a local store to purchase some Slim Jims, a favorite treat of his dog, Boots.

“I went into the Cumberland Farms to buy some Slim Jims for my dog Boots and decided to buy a ticket,” Farrand said. “I scratched it in the car and started shaking when I realized I won.”

He then rolled down his window to ask a neighbor to look at the ticket and confirm that he won.

“I rolled down the window and asked her to check the ticket for me. She was a lot more excited than I was,” he said.

Farrand won $10 million from this $350,000 Cash Spectacular scratch-off ticket. Though he had the option to get his winnings in gradual payments over the years, he decided to get the lump sum, which comes to $6,718,000 after required withholdings.

“I’ll use the money to pay off the mortgage and help out our children and grandchildren,” Farrand said. “We’ll also use some of it for home improvements.”

“Take care of about 39 relatives we’ve got … between grandchildren, children, nieces and nephews. Set up bank accounts for them so that they can have that for college,” he continued.

“We’re going to help the whole family,” added his wife Catherine.

We can only hope that Farrand is also giving his dog Boots a big reward for being such a good boy! We wish him the best of luck with his winnings!


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