Husbands on Emergency Phone Call After Their Wives Came Home From a Night of Drinking

Two women decided to go out one night without their husbands. They go to a bar and spend the night having a few drinks and chatting it up. Finally they decide it’s best to go home before things get out of hand.

On their way home, one of them tells the other that she needs to stop to use the restroom. The other admits that she has to go too, but says they can’t stop and go in the middle of the road.

She spots a cemetery and says they can pull in there. “But how are we going to wipe?” asks the other woman. “I’m just going to use my underwear and throw it out,” replies her friend.

The other woman, however, is wearing her favorite pair of pricey underwear and doesn’t want to ruin them. So instead, she takes a wreath off a nearby grave, uses that, and then the two head home.

The next morning the husband of one of the women calls the other husband to inquire about the other wife because his typically sweet and innocent wife was still hungover and in bed.

“Do you know where our wives went last night?” asked the man. “My wife came home without any underwear.”

“Well, you’re luckier than me,” replied the other husband. “My wife came home with a ribbon on her butt that said, ‘From all of us at the Fire Station. We’ll never forget you.'”

Bet you weren’t expecting that one! This oldie is still a goodie, so be sure to share it with your family and friends.


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