Hundreds Of Bikers Make Dying Veteran’s Last Wish Come True

After a veteran from Nebraska shared his dying wish with his nephew, hundreds of bikers came together to make it a reality!

Bob Money, 77, told his nephew that his last wish was to see a motorcycle parade one more time before he passed. When he was wheeled outside his nursing home this past Sunday, he expected to see 20 bikers at most. That’s why he was stunned when over 200 showed up on their motorcycles!

“He always wanted people to visit him in Wahoo. I asked some friends to get bikers together. It exploded into an enormous amount of participation from all kinds of bikers. It’s totally amazing,” said Linda and Richard Money, who is Bob’s nephew.

The bikers planned the forty minute bike ride from Omaha to the town of Wahoo in just six days, with some traveling from as far as South Dakota. Most of them were complete strangers who just wanted to make sure a veteran got his last wish.

“Supporting our veterans is very important. Especially our Vietnam vets who were treated so poorly at first,” said biker┬áKevin Dubbs.

Bob was overwhelmed when he saw all the bikers.

“I should be crying already, but I held back,” the veteran said.

Each of the riders shook Bob’s hand and personally thanked him for serving his country.

“The real goal for us was to give him a send-off. To maybe help ease the way as he’s passing and that the memory will be front and center in his mind,” Linda said.

When the bikers left, Bob was leading the way in his wheelchair! Please say a prayer for Bob, and find out more about his story in the video below!


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