Family Finds Chilling Note While Preparing For Their Son’s Funeral

When you lose someone you love, it can be heartbreaking and sad, but if it is a child, that makes the grief and pain that much more devastating. No matter how much time passes, each day spent without their child is heartbreaking for the parents left behind.

Little Leland Shoemake from Williamson, Georgia, died at the age of 6 after weeks of being treated for Balamuthia Mandrillaris (brain eating amoeba). His parents were devastated to finally have to return home without him.

While his mother, Amber, was in his room preparing for the funeral, his father, Tim, found a note in the living room that they will treasure the rest of their lives.

Leland liked to draw, and as Tim read the note, he ran towards his wife to show her what he had found. After reading the note, the two simply sat and cried together.

Leland frequently drew pictures and left them notes, but this one was by far their most cherished one. The family says they plan to frame it and hang it in their living room.

Amber says Leland was a smart and curious child. He loved school, loved to learn, loved watching and learning anything about history. He was also sociable and talked to nearly everyone he came into contact with.

This little boy was obviously taken from his parents way too soon, but at least they have one last treasure to cling to. Be sure to pray for this little boy’s family and share this with your family and friends so they can too.


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