12 Year-Old Becomes Viral Star After Cop Films Him Dancing To ‘Billie Jean’

When a police officer filmed this 12 year-old boy dancing to Michael Jackson’s song “Billie Jean,” he wasn’t expecting to change the young boy’s life forever.

It all started when Officer Kawain Harrison was out on patrol in Greenville, North Carolina, just as he is on any other work day. He wasn’t expecting anything unusual to happen, and he certainly had no idea that he was about to capture a viral moment on camera!

When the officer came upon the young boy dancing, he knew he had to get it on camera. The video opens with the boy saying, “Hello, my name is Javon. I’m 12 years old and I like Michael Jackson.”

The officer shared the video to social media, but he didn’t stop there! He not only found Javon to be talented, he was also very humble, kind, and funny. That’s why Harrison and his wife decided to give Javon a present, and when the young boy got it, he couldn’t wait to see what it was.

As he unwrapped the present, Javon found that it was a full Michael Jackson costume!

Harrison’s video of Javon went viral and was seen by millions of people. One person who saw it was a member of the Southern Elite Dance Academy in Spartanburg, one of the most elite dancing schools in the country. They were so impressed by Javon’s moves that they offered him a full scholarship to attend their school! This will give him the chance to make his dreams of becoming a professional dancer come true as he further develops his talent!

It’s amazing that this viral video has changed this boy’s life forever! Check out the video for yourself below!


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