Sweetest Interaction Between a Little Bulldog and Group of Cows

Sometimes the most unlikely friends make the best friends. So was the case with Manfred the bulldog when he was recently introduced to a pin full of cows. Surprisingly enough, the odd animals became great friends.

The owners of the critters caught it all on video. Little Manfred lays on the ground and appears curious about the cows but afraid to approach the much larger creatures.

Eventually he scoots slowly towards them, and when he finally gets close enough to the fence, the big cows stick their heads out and sniff him.

He may be little, but they know he could be fierce, so they’re a bit shy too. Once they smell him and decide he’s okay, the cows then begin licking him.

Manfred apparently thinks this is great because he responds well and allows them to continue dishing out the kisses. He puts his nose against theirs and they all lick and kiss on each other.

It looks like this little bully might just have some very protective big buddies now. Check out the video below and you’ll see why it has caught everyone’s attention on social media.

Be sure to share this with your family and friends. We can learn a thing or two from these animals. They don’t care about differences and know how to respond with love when they see it.


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