Single Mother of Four Hopeless Until She Hears a Tap on Her Window

Sometimes angels come in disguise. They come when we’ve run out of hope, are broken, and feel like we’ve lost everything. That’s what Tawny Nelson, a single mother of four children says about a recent encounter she had.

The young mother from Rock Springs, Wyoming, says she was left stranded with no family to help her. The truck she was driving needed new tires, it needed an alternator belt; it was just a mess, she says. She was in Tallahassee, Florida at the time.

She says she finally became desperate enough to try to take the old truck to the grocery store so she could feed her children. She loaded them and the kids up and went down the road.

They made it to the store okay, got groceries, and were preparing to go home when it started pouring down rain. That’s when she discovered that the truck wouldn’t start. She didn’t have a phone to call for help either.

She asked multiple people in the parking lot for help over a two hour period, but no one would help her. She says they simply acted like she didn’t exist. When she thought all was lost, her angel appeared.

She heard a tap on the passenger window and it was an elderly man walking with a cane. He had a plate of food he handed her and said, “Feed those babies and yourself young lady. I have a tow truck on the way and my wife will be here shortly to take y’all home.”

As if on cue, his wife arrived with the tow truck right behind her. Tawny and her kids made it home safely, but that wasn’t the last time she’d see the man and his wife. The next morning he arrived at her home with a mechanic, who fixed all the problems with her truck.

After the work was done, she asked about payment, but the mechanic explained that the elderly gentleman had paid for everything and had already left. She broke down in grateful, happy tears.

Tawny says the good Samaritan restored her faith when all seemed lost. “What he did was revive my faith when I was falling apart,” says Tawny. “But he wouldn’t even take a hug.”

Although she doesn’t know who he is or if she’ll ever be able to thank him, she has been inspired by his example. She says she will definitely pay it forward and hopes that sharing her story will inspire other people too.

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