Pastor Visits Nursing Home…One Woman Shocks Him With a Special Request

Christopher Tate ministers to the D.C. area and he has two passions, prisoners and the elderly. During Christmas time each year, he makes his way around the city to meet with people who are on his heart.

Last Christmas on Christmas Eve, he made his annual trip to the Unique Residential Care facility in Northwest D.C. to put on his yearly “The Golden Christmas.”

He dresses up as Santa and visits each one to deliver gifts. It’s something he has done for the past five years. But this year, something special happened that he wasn’t expecting.

A 90-year-old woman came up to him and asked him to dance. So he did! As soon as the woman started to dance, it was like she was a young woman all over again.

There was a spark in her eyes and she knew all the dance moves. The pastor struggled to keep up. Afterward, he asked her what she needed the walker for?

To the delight of everyone there, it was a dance off that they won’t soon forget. Tate says there were so many seniors hugging him, crying, and begging him not to leave that he felt so incredibly blessed.

Tate posted a video of them dancing on his Facebook page to share with his family and friends. Much to his surprise, the next morning it had been viewed over two million times.

He received messages from all over the world thanking him for the video. Some even saying that they dread the holidays, but this video filled them with holiday joy all over again.

Check out the amazing dancing duo below and be sure to share this heartwarming story with your family and friends.


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