Parents Transform Son’s Wheelchair Into Elaborate Halloween Costumes

Children everywhere look forward to Halloween each year, as the holiday gives them the opportunity to dress up in creative costumes.

Anthony Alfano is an 8 year-old boy from Melrose Park, Illinois who loves Halloween because of what his parents do for him every year. Anthony is confined to a wheelchair because he suffers from cerebral palsy, which is why his parents Deanna and Tony decided to use his wheelchair to create very unique costumes for him every year!

Last year, Anthony dressed up as “Wheel of Fortune,” which is one of his favorite gameshows.

“We watch it every night in our house with Anthony,” Deanna explained. “He loves hearing the alphabet, but he has a love for most game shows.”

Deanna went on to say that though Anthony is non-verbal, as soon as he gets into his costume, “he laughs and smiles and definitely loves the attention.”

In order to make the costume, Deana and Tony used a PVC board, a foam wheel, and LED lights so that it will light up on Halloween night. This has been an annual tradition for the family since Anthony was one, when they dressed him up as Elvis, complete with sunglasses, sideburns, and a bedazzled onesie.

The year before last, Anthony transformed into the Lincoln Memorial snow globe!

Another year, he was a horse jockey!

In the end, Deanna said that Halloween means a great deal to her family.

“Halloween is just a day when we can just stop looking at the actual wheelchair and look at the boy in the costume,” she said.

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