Orangutan Show Amazing Empathy Over Woman’s Burn Scars

It was 2015 when Darci Miller was outside her home in Indiana trying to burn trash when she became engulfed in flames. She suffered severe burns on her arms and chest.

She spent days in the hospital, but finally was able to come home. After he twelfth surgery, Darci and her fiancé, Jason, decided to relax and have some fun so they headed to the Indianapolis Zoo.

At the primate exhibit, one of the orangutans took particular interest in Darci’s numerous bandages. Rocky, a 12-year-old orangutan, left his group and walked over to the secluded window.

At the window, with the thick glass separating them, Rocky began studying Darci. He pointed at her bandages and she gently raised one so he could see what was underneath.

The interaction between Darcy and the primate lasted for at least 20 minutes and her fiancé caught it all on video. According to zoo keepers, this interaction isn’t a surprise.

They say that orangutans are known for being empathetic. He was communicating his interest by looking in her eyes, and was concerned for her well-being.

Check out the adorable video below and be sure to share it with your family and friends. You don’t see something like this every day.


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