Navy SEALs Get Huge Surprise When Real Seal Chooses To Train With Them

Navy SEALs are the best and brightest that our military has to offer. Those who become SEALs train tirelessly so that they can be prepared to take on some of the most dangerous and grueling missions in the world.

Because the SEALs are so tough, they are often thought of as people who are deadly serious. However, a new viral video shows that they know how to have a good laugh just like everyone else! The video shows a real life seal jump out of the water and join the SEALs in their training. Clearly, the seal has some serious aspirations to become a Navy SEAL himself!

We’re so glad to see that these SEALs got a much needed laugh from this real life seal. Their training is so intense that they likely don’t get many opportunities to have fun, so it’s nice that this seal was able to come out and brighten up their days! The video has since gone viral, with social media users everywhere not being able to get enough of it!

“Man even we wanna go join the seals now that they allow animals!!!! We will be serious SEADOGS,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Omg this is the cutest recruit EVER!!” another user added.

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