Mother’s Hilarious Costco Shopping List Goes Viral – Every Parent Can Relate To This

Comedian Jen Smedley is best known for being one half of the hilarious comedic duo I Mom So Hard. This past weekend, Jen became a viral sensation in her own right when she posted a Costco list to Instagram that moms everywhere could relate to!

“Headed to the Costco tomorrow and just trying to keep it real. What I need vs what I get… oh boy. What am I forgetting?” Jen wrote alongside the list in a post that has since received overĀ 8,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Jen was stunned when her list went viral, as she had no idea so many people would be able to relate to her simple shopping list!

“I was honestly working on my Costco list, trying to decide if I would go the next day or send my husband,” Jen said. “We both always think the other one comes back with hundreds of dollars in ridiculous, unnecessary items. We go with the intent of saving money by buying a gross of individual potato chip bags, and end up blowing money on individual guacamole servings and barrels of peanut butter that it takes years to go through.”

“I thought we were the only ones who were terrible at shopping,” Jen continued. “But there’s one thing we’re all in agreement about: they get you with those samples. You shop hungry, and you end up buying 3 pounds of dried apricots.”

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