Mother Was Told to “Pull the Plug” on Her Newborn Son

Trisha Long Bell and her husband wanted a family desperately. Seven times in the six years of their marriage they had found out they were going to be parents, and seven times they had their hearts broken when they received the news of a miscarriage.

However, God wasn’t through with them yet. Trisha and her husband were blessed with the birth of their first son, Urijah. But they wanted him to have a sibling. Even though they wanted another child, they knew the odds weren’t in their favor.

Still, they tried and sure enough, eventually Trisha found out she was pregnant again. The pregnancy went without any major complications, but the day of the baby’s birth everything changed.

Doctors discovered when their second son was born, he didn’t have a heartbeat. He was lacking a pulse which resulted in a lack of oxygen to his brain. The doctors feared that he would have severe brain damage as a result.

They urged Trisha to “pull the plug” on her baby, but she just couldn’t do it. Instead, she listened to her motherly instincts and decided to do something entirely different. She decided to give him her milk.

She says she knew with Ezrah, that he needed her to do this. He was fighting for his life and she felt like this was the way to show him that she would give him her all. She said she didn’t know if her milk would do much for his injury, but she had faith that it would.

Trisha says the results were simply magical. Now 14 months later, she knows that her milk played a big part in healing her child’s brain injury. She says that a woman’s body knows what to do during childbirth and women are so connected to their child, it had to be what healed her son.

The picture she shared on her Facebook page with her incredible story shows a mother sharing life to her newborn through her breast milk and Trisha says the picture will forever be close to her heart.

Although Trisha and her husband have endured more heartbreak than most people can imagine, they have also managed to witness the incredible power of faith and motherhood. Be sure to share this inspiring story with your family and friends.


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