Mother Uses Her Dying Breaths to Save Children

A mother from China recently saved the lives of her two children, a three-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son, when the apartment they were living in was overtaken by flames and smoke.

The mother had no choice but to throw her children to onlookers below before she perished inside the home. The harrowing videos show the mother peeking outside the window below before making a life and death decision.

As the thick brown smoke billowed out of the window around her, she used her last breaths to save her children. She throws some bedding of her own to the ground and then she drops her nine-year-old son.

He flails towards the ground at a shocking rate of speed. Next comes her three-year-old daughter. It is terrifying to watch as the girls flips around in the air on her way down.

Both children survive the fall, and moments later the mother collapses inside the burning apartment building. Firefighters rush into the apartment, but they are too late.

They find the woman collapsed below the window and she passed away at the hospital. This mother, with only seconds to act, heroically saved the lives of her children and gave up her own to do so.

Check out the heart wrenching video below and be sure to share it with your family and friends.


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