Man Stuns Wife By Screaming At Her In Kitchen – The Reason Why Is Hilarious

A hilarious joke about marriage is going viral this week, and it’s sure to bring a smile to your face!

A wife was cooking dinner one night when her husband suddenly came rushing into the kitchen. Running over to the stove, the husband tried to snatch the spoon out of her hand as he yelled, “Stir faster! You’re going too slow, it’s going to burn!”

Shocked by this, the woman started to stir faster.

“Stop!” the husband screamed. “You’re splashing it everywhere!”

“Watch out!” he yelled. “The bread is burning! Hurry, take it out of the oven!”

When the wife bent over to take the bread out of the oven, the husband yelled at her once again.

“Quick!” he screamed. “The soup is sticking! Why did you stop stirring?!”

Out of breath, the wife gasped, “What is wrong with you?! I have everything under control here.”

With a smile, the husband said, “Now you know how I feel when I’m driving.”

LOL! While husbands and wives everywhere can relate to this, something tells me that this guy will be sleeping on the couch tonight!

Marriages are full of small disagreements like these. Everyone has their strengths, and each person brings their own set of skills to a partnership. One of the biggest parts of marriage is figuring out how best to utilize each other’s strengths so that the relationship can move forward. While this joke is funny, it probably is not the best way to handle this situation!

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