Horrifying Footage Shows Panhandler Get Up Out Of Wheelchair And Walk To His Car After Begging For Money

A disturbing video is going viral this week showing a panhandler get up out of his wheelchair and walk to his car after begging for money outside Walmart.

Tim Stephens was at a Walmart in Post Falls, Idaho when he noticed a man with an eye patch sitting in a wheelchair near the exit asking people for money. Stephens took to Facebook to say that the man was holding a sign that read, “USMC (United States Marine Corp) thanks and God bless.”

After leaving the Walmart, Stephens pulled into a parking lot across the street so his grandchildren could eat their food. When he pulled in, he saw a white car in a space a few spots down from him. Minutes later, Stephens was stunned to see the panhandler get up out of his wheelchair and push it across the road in a hurry to the waiting car. Meanwhile, the driver got out in the same corner the first man had been panhandling at.

Stephens’ video shows the first man taking apart his wheelchair and putting it into the trunk before getting in the car. His friend can then be seen across the street holding a sign.

“He talked briefly to the guy that drove their car up. Opened the trunk and started taking apart his wheelchair,” Stephens wrote. “The second guy grabbed a sign and crossed the road to the same corner. The first guy sat down in the driver seat of the car.”

Stephens was so angry by what he saw that he decided to confront the men. He said that when he got to their car, the first man had a lap full of cash and he had removed his eye patch because he didn’t need it.

“I asked … if he was busy counting all that money he stole from people,” Stephens wrote. “He looked up at me with no eye patch and both eyes. With a grin he said ‘every penny.’ He was lucky I had my grandkids with me.”

Stephens told the man that he needed to leave town, and he then told his friend the same thing.

“Watch out for these thieves,” Stephens warned.

The things that some people will do to make money is truly sick. There are panhandlers with real disabilities who actually depend on the kindness of strangers to survive, so for these con artists to take advantage of that is beyond disturbing. This is made even worse by the fact that the panhandlers were posing as disabled veterans.

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