Sebastian Bushey, 28, was recently driving home from work from his job as a construction worker in Washington state when he saw a puppy wandering around 75 yards off the road near the Grand Ronde River.

It was 105 degrees outside, and the puppy had been abandoned to die in the scorching heat. Sebastian immediately pulled over and scooped up the puppy in order to save him. He then called out on the off chance that there were more dogs, and were stunned when six more puppies walked out of the bushes!

“I was in disbelief that I found not one, but seven puppies in the middle of nowhere, just left to die in the 105 degree heat,” Sebastian recalled. “I was driving home when I seen one puppy about 75 yards off the road near the water. When I called the first puppy that’s when six other puppies came out of a small bush in the grass.”

As Sebastian carried out this rescue, it was clear to him that the puppies were dehydrated and starving.

“The puppies seemed very timid and nervous to come towards me because the bush was the only shade they had around them,” he said.

Sebastian loaded the seven puppies into his truck and took them to the local animal shelter. There, the puppies were able to get the medical attention that they desperately needed!

“They all have been named words that mean ‘river’ since I found them next to the Grand Ronde River in Washington state,” Sebastian said. “They are doing well and will be available to be adopted on August 14 from the Lewis Clark animal shelter in Lewiston, Idaho.”

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