Father’s Dance to His Son With Leukemia Catches the Eye of a Star Performer

June 19, 2018, was a devastating day for the parents of a little boy named Kirstian. That is the day his parents were told their son has leukemia. His dad, Kennith Thomas, posted a photo of his son on Instagram and promised they would fight the battle together.

Kennith was determined to stay positive throughout the journey for his son, and continued to post videos and photos to social media throughout his son’s treatment.

But it was a video that he posted on July 21 that caught the eye of superstar Ciara. In the video, Kennith is dancing and entertaining his son in the hospital.

He had posted similar videos over the course of Kristian’s treatment, but this one was special. It was the day that the doctors told Kristian’s parents that he was going home in the next couple of days, and the little one hadn’t been home since his diagnosis.

The news that his son was going home was enough encouragement to enter singer, Ciara’s “Level Up Challenge.” The challenge asked people all over the world to show how they are “leveling up” or improving themselves.

It didn’t take long for Kennith’s video to catch Ciara’s eye and make it’s way on to her social media. With just a few clicks, Kristian had thousands of fans and one of the most famous cheerleaders you could ever ask for.

But the story isn’t over yet. On August 3, Ciara visited Kennith’s dance studio in New Jersey and spent time with him, his wife Josilyn, and little Kristian. Ciara’s fans have also named Kennith and Kristian the winners of Ciara’s “Level Up Challenge.”

Check out the sweet first meeting in the video below and be sure to share this amazing story with your family and friends.


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