Diamond Ring That Was Accidentally Thrown Away Is Found In Dump In Just Four Minutes

A $30,000 ring that was accidentally thrown out of a family’s home in San Diego was miraculously found in a landfill after just four minutes of searching.

The City of San Diego took to Facebook to say that the ring had been mistakenly thrown away when the owner and her family were cleaning their house. The family only realized the ring was gone after the garbage truck left their block and they immediately frantically called city officials for help.

Using a GPS to check which truck to check at the Miramar Landfill, San Diego Environmental Services worker teamed up with the family and sanitation workers to find the ring in just four minutes. Even the officials themselves were stunned to find the ring so fast!

“Sometimes it takes three, four hours for them to find it. Sometimes they don’t find it at all, so to have something … you know, a $30,000 ring in four minutes, that was pretty good,” said city spokesman Jose Ysea.

“What happens when a $30K ring gets accidentally tossed in the trash? You hope City staff can track it down! Luckily, staff from Environmental Services found the truck and helped find the precious ring. True story!” city officials wrote on Facebook.

We applaud these officials for finding the ring so fast! It really is amazing what technology can do these days! We can only imagined how relieved this family is to have this irreplaceable ring back in their possession.

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