Couple Discovered Old, Rusty Lunch Boxes During Home Remodel…Speechless With What’s In Them

Finding an old lunch box inside your home might not seem like such a treasure, but for one couple, it turned out to be just that. A couple was renovating their basement and found the treasure hiding in the ceiling.

It was dusty and untouched, but they never imagined what they’d find inside. They documented the discovery of the lunch box on Imgur, calling it a wild ride.

The faded box was found between the beams, and because it wasn’t heavy they thought it might have something like sports cards in it. Boy were they in for a surprise.

The box had a shoelace wrapped around it, which they unwrapped to discover a newspaper inside the box. It was dated March 25, 1951, giving them an idea of how old the box might have been.

Underneath the newspaper were three more bundles wrapped in waxed paper with more newspapers. Inside of the waxed paper was money; bricks of cash the man exclaimed in his post.

They counted the money in the first brick which was all $20’s and estimated there could have been a couple thousand dollars in there. The second package revealed all $50’s and the third all $100’s.

The couple hired an attorney to find out if the lunchbox owner was the woman that had owned the house before them. Because she had died several years ago, they got to keep the treasure.

The couple decided to put the money to good use and pay on their mortgage. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. As they continued in the remodel job, another lunch box was found.

They said that the second box was heavier and they guessed before opening it that there was cash inside. They opened it and found additional bundles of cash just like before. In total, the couple found almost $45,000 in cash.

Wow! I could handle finding a couple lunch boxes like that inside my house! How about you? Be sure to share this crazy story with your family and friends.


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