Black Labrador Frantically Signal to Police Officer on Street…Immediately Led to Alarming Discovery

Dogs have earned the nickname as man’s best friend for a reason, and no one knows that better than the owner of a black Labrador named John Boy.

Police officer Jeff Gonzalez was running his route one cold, winter morning in Wisconsin when he saw the black lab running on the street. The dog had been frantically running around the whole neighborhood.

But this dog wasn’t a stray. It had a collar and tags, and seemed very worried about something. As Jeff got closer the dog responded by jumping around. He tried to read the dog’s strange behavior, so he stopped and got out of the car.

John Boy had plans though. He took off running, and Jeff followed him. He says the dog acted as if he needed help. The dog led him to the front porch of a house and Jeff immediately knew why the dog had led him there.

On the front porch a woman was slumped over in a chair and unconscious. She still had pajamas on and was turning blue. Luckily though, she still had a heartbeat and was breathing.

Jeff acted quickly, and with the help of his partner they got her in the house and called for an ambulance. The woman’s name was Krystal, and John Boy was her beloved pet.

Thanks to John Boy and Jeff, Krystal is now recuperating in the hospital and will be just fine. Check out the amazing video of the incident below and be sure to share this heroic story with your family and friends.


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