5 Year-Old Girl Raises Over $600 So Her Class Can Have Milk Every Day

There’s a rule at the home of 5 year-old Sunshine Oelfke that she have milk with every meal, so she was surprised when she went to school one day and found that one of her classmates didn’t have milk with lunch. Sunshine was worried that this classmate could not buy milk, so she brought $5 the next day to buy milk for her friend.

Sunshine’s grandma Jackie was not surprised when she heard what the child had done. She explained that Sunshine, who she said “is obsessed with flamingos and snowmobiling,” loves doing chores around the house and picking up loose change on the sidewalk to put in her piggy bank. Jackie said that Sunshine had planned to save up the money in her piggy bank to buy a snowmobile, but when she heard that her classmates needed her help, she did not hesitate in changing her mind about what to do with her savings.

“I always tell my students when they do something that really amazes me, I get kindergarten goosebumps,” said Sunshine’s teacher, Rita Hausher. “I got kindergarten goosebumps from my toes to the top of my head.”

Sunshine decided to raise all the money she could to buy milk for all of her classmates!

“She understands that some kids don’t want it and some kids can’t have it, but she wants to make sure the option is there for them, just in case,” Jackie said. “She continues to take money from her piggy bank to school because she saw another friend that didn’t have milk.”

Jackie helped Sunshine start a GoFundMe account, and they were able to raise $600 in less than a week. She said that Sunshine is so young that she doesn’t understand just how big this good deed is, she simply “is very happy that her friend now gets milk with her every day.”

“We talk about our rules and do what’s right and treat others the way you want to be treated,” Principal Bernie Anderson said. “This all kind of falls in line and it’s a great example that when you teach it and you emphasize it, the children pick up on it; they understand there’s a need and they understand the value in helping.”

This serves as a reminder of how a small good deed can grow into something huge! We could all do to be a little more like Sunshine!

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