Worldwide Campaign to Name These Four Panda Cubs

Four panda cubs in China are at the center of a campaign to name the babies who are in southwest China’s Sichuan province. Panda fans from around the world now have the opportunity to help name the cubs.

All four male cubs were born at the center last year. The campaign to name the cubs was started on WeChat, a Chinese social media platform that is widely used in the country.

Through the campaign, panda fans from around the world can suggest names for the cubs and organizers of the campaign will create a short list of 20 names from the suggestions and will then allow the public to vote for the best four.

The naming event, called “Dujiangyan Global Name-Collecting Campaign for Giant Pandas” is co-organized by the Dujiangyan city government and the Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda.

People have until July 30 to submit names online and voting will take place between July 31 and August 6. Winners will receive prizes such as trips to well-known scenic areas in Dujiangyan city and free tickets to the panda park.

Currently the cubs are referred to by their mother’s names and all four cubs were born between August 21 and September 14 of last year. The Dujiangyan panda base is home to about 20 pandas and covers about 126 acres. The center focuses on panda rescue and rehab while allowing the pandas to enjoy a natural environment.

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