Triplets Are Sitting Quietly On Couch – Their Reactions When Dad Storms Room Are Priceless

This set of triplets have been waiting all day for their daddy to come home so that they can play with him! Their father is known as the tickle monster in his family, and he certainly lives up to his name in this video.

The video opens with the three boys sitting on the couch eagerly waiting for their father to get home. As soon as he walks in the door, their eyes light up, as they know the fun is about to begin!

The triplets head right to the couch as soon as they hear their father’s car pull into the garage. They know that he’ll be running in to charge them at any moment! As soon as their dad pokes his head around the corner, all three boys descend into giggle fits. They just can’t get enough of their silly dad!

The father then runs through the room right to the couch, placing his head in their bellies as he tickles the boys. The dad clearly loves playing with the triplets just as much as they do with him!

While there are many studies about the importance of mothers bonding with their children, experts say that it’s also crucial for dads to also have strong bonds with their kids.┬áMelanie Mallers, a professor of psychology at the California State University, recently explained why the bond between a father and his children is so important.

“Fathers play a hugely important role in the mental health of their children much later in life,” she said. “They have a unique style of interacting with their children, and men who report having had a good relationship with their father during childhood were found to be better at dealing with stress.”

The dad in this video clearly has no problem bonding with his boys!

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