Police Officer Finds a Sweet Way to Build Trust Within the Community

The Pittsfield Police Department in Massachusetts is taking the phrase, “serve and protect” to a whole new level. The department now has their own ice cream truck thanks to the efforts of Officer Darren Derby.

Derby got the idea after reading about Boston and St. Louis police officers doing something similar. Pittsfield is a relatively small city, but he thought it would be a great way for law enforcement to build ties with the people in the community.

With a slew of donations from community members and local businesses, the department bought their own ice cream truck so they can give away ice cream and popsicles to the community. The policemen volunteer in their free time to help with the project called “Operation Copsicle.”

Derby hopes to utilize the vehicle in community events and reaching out with compassion after distressing events. “It’s just another tool,” Deby said. “I look at it as another tool to create a relationship, build trust in the community, not just with the kids, but with the adults.”

This isn’t the first time Derby and his fellow police officers have taken a hands on approach to serving Pittsfield. They’ve given away free toys and built basketball courts in the past. “They then realize there is something behind the badge, there’s a heart, there’s love, there’s a connection to everybody,” said Derby. “We live in this community. Our children grew up here. We grew up here.”

Check out the video below of this amazing new project and be sure to share it with your family and friends. Maybe it will inspire a department in your community to do something too.


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