Navy SEAL’s Wife Finds Peace Remembering Her Husband’s Words

The Thai soccer team that spent over two weeks trapped underground in a cave has finally been rescued. Their dramatic story was followed around the world as rescuers rushed into the cave to save them. Sadly, one of the volunteers who risked his life to save the boys wasn’t alive to celebrate their rescue.

Saman Gunan, 38, a former Navy SEAL kept in touch with his fellow veterans and their training activities. He had been working as an airport security guard when he heard news of the boys and their coach being trapped in the cave. He immediately volunteered in the rescue effort.

Gunan was one of over 1,000 workers and volunteers who worked to get the boys out of the cave. Gunan’s work as a diver was crucial. He brought supplies into the cave, including fresh containers of oxygen, but he died early last Friday while bringing those supplies into the cave.

The hard work of Gunan and the other workers paid off this week and the world is celebrating their rescue. All except Gunan’s wife, who is mourning the loss of her husband. She says she will always remember him as an athletic and charitable man who she will always love.

Gunan’s body was loaded into a Thai Navy plane and a military funeral and smaller service in his hometown are planned. The Thai monarchy has offered to cover the bill for both ceremonies. His wife says that Gunan once told her that we never know when we’ll die and we must cherish every day. That has given her peace.

Please share this story in honor and respect for Gunan’s rescue efforts. His bravery and heroism should be respected by all of us.


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