Mystery Motorist Finally Pays Ticket After 44 Years

A motorist known only by the name Dave has finally paid a Pennsylvania parking ticket that he says he had been meaning to pay since he got the ticket in 1974. The ticket was for parking in a restricted zone and the fine was only $2.

Minersville police in Schuylkill County received a handwritten note from Dave confessing that he had an unpaid parking ticket. Getting payment for a parking ticket in the mail isn’t unusual, but it was the circumstances around this ticket that made it special.

The return address on the envelope said, “Feeling Guilty, Wayward Road, Anytown, Ca.” Police Chief Michael Combs said he was blown away that someone would hang on to a parking ticket this long, let alone actually pay it.

The letter inside the envelope read, “Dear PD, I’ve been carrying this ticket around for 40+ years. Always intended to pay. Forgive me if I don’t give you my info. With respect, Dave.” Tucked inside the envelope was a $5 bill.

Combs said that he was shocked that Dave finally paid his fine. “So that’s 44 years later, so that means I only made $3 in 44 years,” Combs joked. He said although he has no way of knowing who exactly Dave really is, he said he would like to meet him and thank him.

This man is probably better than most of us would have been. I know I likely wouldn’t have carried around a ticket for 44 years. Be sure to share this shocking story with your friends.


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