Man Stops To Buy Lunch At Subway – Gets Chills When He Sees $1 Bill Cashier Gives Him

Miracles happen every day, and whether they are big or small, they leave us speechless whenever they come about.

Peter Bilello was born in Sicily and had been working in the United States for years in the 1960s when he made a trip back to his homeland. It was during this trip that his mother introduced him to a woman named Grace, suggesting that they get married. After he fell in love with her, Peter decided to do just that!

After they got married, Peter and Grace moved to Harford, Connecticut, where they had two children and later on four grandchildren. During the decades of happiness they had together, Peter thought up an adorable way of symbolizing their deep love for one another. He signed his name on a one dollar bill, and Grace signed hers on another as a symbol of their love.

“Then I put them in my wallet,” Peter explained. “And I said, ‘These dollars are going to be in my wallet forever.'”

Five years later, Peter sadly mistakenly spent both the dollar bills!

“I feel so mad, I feel sorry. I said, ‘I was never going to see those two dollars back again,'” he said.

Just a few months after they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, Grace tragically passed away after a battle with breast cancer. Peter was devastated by the loss of the woman who had been the love of his life.

Seven months after Grace’s death, Peter was buying lunch at Subway with his daughter when he was handed a reminder that Grace is still with him.

When Peter saw what he had been given, he immediately knew that it was a message from Grace. He went right to the cemetery to tell his wife all about it!

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