Little Girl is Heartbroken When No One Came to Her Birthday Party…

A group of police officers from Augusta, Maine, have went above and beyond the call of duty. When they got word that an eight-year-old little girl had thrown a birthday party for herself and none of her friends showed up, they decided to surprise her with another party.

Larriah Binns had plans for a birthday party on Saturday, but was left heartbroken when none of her classmates came to her party. When the police department heard about the failed party, they held another party for her on Sunday.

A dozen off duty officers arrived to Larriah’s home carrying in plenty of presents, balloons, and even a cake. They had originally asked her mother if they could drop off a card and decided to put together a whole party instead.

Her mom says she was definitely surprised. She says she had told Larriah that a few people were coming over, but she didn’t tell her who. When the police men and women started pulling up, her mom says she could see the excitement in her eyes.

Larriah’s mom, Angelique Binns, says her daughter was shocked to see how many people came to see her. “We had some good response from off-duty officers and their families as well as all of the other officers that were working that day,” said Sergeant Christian Behr.

Larriah received a card signed by the entire police department as well as several gift cards to her favorite stores.

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