Here’s The Best Way To Remove Husk From Corn

Summer is finally here, which means millions of Americans are grilling corn on the cob outdoors. Anyone who has ever made corn knows what a hassle it can be to have to remove the husk. However, a new strategy for removing the husk is going viral, and it is sure to save you lots of time in the kitchen!

All you have to do is start at the stalk end and slice a tip one inch above the last row of kernels. Once you have done this, simply place the corn on a plate and microwave for two to four minutes.

Simply grab the uncut end and shake the cob while squeezing at the same time. If you do this correctly, the corn will slide out, completely free of silk and husk!

Once the video of this technique went viral, many internet users weighed in on how it worked for them.

“Don’t know why you don’t just completely whole husk and nuke the cob,” one user wrote. “I’ve done this for years. The microwave steams the corn sugars (caramelizing) and starch (nuttiness), and the bugs come screaming out (if any remain …), the cob itself streams up and expands, leaving the corn kernels all steamed on all sides. THEN, cut the stalk end and shuck.”

However, others were not sold on this.

“I prefer the old fashion way. Husk corn, remove silk, place in cold water which is just enough to cover the cobs, add some lemon juice & sugar, and turn heat to high… wait until water just starts to boil and time it exactly two minutes Perfect every time,” one user wrote.

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