Groom Serenades His Bride As She Walks Down The Aisle – Brings Entire Room To Tears With What He Does Next

While getting married is an exciting thing to do, weddings themselves are often very stressful for brides and grooms, as they want everything to go perfectly. The groom in this video decided to take a risk by doing something very unique to show his wife that he loves her on their wedding day, and it’s safe to say that his efforts paid off big time!

The video opens with the groom starting to sing as the bridal party makes their way down the aisle. The groom is visibly nervous, but he continues to sing as everyone continues to walk up to the altar. However, it isn’t until his bride Jill walks in that things really get emotional!

Many wedding traditions may seem outdated, but they actually each served a purpose at some point in history. For example, Brides Magazine UK stated that the tradition of tiered wedding cakes comes from Medieval Times, when guests would each bring small cakes to a wedding. Once they were married, the couple had to balance over the massive pile of sweet treats to kiss! If they were able to successfully kiss, it was thought that their marriage would be a prosperous one.

In this video below, the groom definitely created a new tradition that we’re sure will be replicated by other couples in the years to come! The love he has for his wife truly comes across in his song.

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