Boat Captain Saw a Man Throw Something Off the Bridge But Never Dreamed It Was This

Jordan Smith is a boat captain for Let’s Fish Destin Charter in Destin, Florida, but he’s not just a boat captain. He’s a lover of animals as he recently proved with his quick, kind actions for one very needy cat.

Smith often passes by Marler Bridge during his fishing charters, and it’s not unusual to see people throw things off the bridge into the water. Usually it is trash, so when he saw a man throw something over the side this time, he didn’t think much of it.

However, when Smith got closer, he realized that is wasn’t trash the man had thrown off the bridge. It was a big black cat with bright orange eye. The cat looked up pleadingly at Smith and he says it was as if her eyes just seemed to say, “Save me.”

Smith didn’t hesitate to grab a net and scoop the cat out of the water. He held the cat comfortingly and turned the boat toward shore. It took an hour to get to HarborWalk, a beachfront area with shops and restaurants.

He took the cat to his friend Nicole Manard’s shop and asked her to keep the cat until he finished his shop. Manard agreed because she knew the cat needed help. When Smith wrapped up his charter, he picked the cat up and took her to the vet for some much needed care.

Once the cat was healthy, Smith had already fallen in love with her. He decided to adopt her and named her Miracle. She has settled into her new home well. She loves cuddling with Smith and has also befriended his Husky-German Shepherd mix named Aspen.

After sharing photos of Miracle on Facebook, Smith was shocked how quickly the story about Miracle went viral. People have even sent him food, toys, and donations for her vet bills. Police officers are still looking for whoever it was that threw Miracle off the bridge.

What a happy ending to a tragic story! Be sure to share this heroic rescue story with your family and friends if you’re as happy as we are that Miracle has a happy, loving home.


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