56 Year-Old Mother Is Spared Prison After Stabbing Her Daughters’ Rapists

Any parent knows that they would do absolutely anything to protect their child. One 56 year-old mother recently proved this when she grabbed a knife and took action to save her daughter from three men who were gang raping her.

It all started when the mother was told by a friend that her daughter was being helped captive and gang raped in a house located in a part of their South African village called Qumbu. Grabbing a knife the mother did not hesitate in running to the house, ready to do whatever it took to save her daughter.

When she got to the home, she whipped out her knife and stabbed all three of her daughter’s attackers. One of the rapists died of his wounds, and the other two were severely injured.

Despite the circumstances of what happened, the mother was arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder. The case got a huge amount of attention in South Africa, where the mother earned legions of supporters and was nicknamed “lion mama.” A crowdfunding campaign to pay her legal expenses ended up raising around USD $ 10,000 for her.

“She still needs to go for trauma counselling for her and her daughter. We have transferred the money that was paid to us to her for her wellbeing,” her lawyer said.

Finally, the Magistrates Court announced that all charges against the mother were being dropped and that the two surviving rapists had been arrested and charged. Speaking outside the courthouse upon her release, the mother talked about how humbled she was by the support she has received from people all over the globe.

“I felt like an old baboon that has no friends, but today you showed me I have people and that I was not alone. Thank you,” she said.

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